What Agriculture Business is The Most Profitable

What Agriculture Business is The Most Profitable

Two hundred years ago almost all Americans were involved in agriculture, but now this figure barely exceeds ten percent. At the same time, farmers own about 65% of all agricultural lands in the country.

The rest of the territory intended for growing crops and livestock is owned by corporations and numerous companies. Currently, all of America’s agriculture is called agribusiness.

Despite all the changes that have occurred over several centuries, farming is a stable and permanent part of the country’s economy. Even if you don’t have any money for agriculture business, find the best way to borrow money and become a farmer because we want to present to you 10 the most profitable ideas what to grow to have the biggest profit from the crop.

10 The Most Profitable Crops

Most Profitable Crops

1. Lavender. It is used in the manufacture of soap, incense, bouquets, and funeral wreaths. In California, there was a case when a former employee of a funeral agency launched the lavender business. He signed contracts with the largest companies of the state and supplied them with wreaths worth more than $400,000 a year.

2. Spring Pussy Willows. These woody plants are popular among florists and designers. Some varieties of willow are so unpretentious that the crop can be harvested all the year.

3. Thuja. Rapidly gaining popularity dwarf tree, which is used for landscaping facades and lawns. One sprout costs about a dollar. After 24 months, the tree is ready for sale at a price of at least $10 – $15. You can add a small sum for a plastic pot and delivery.

5. Bonsai Plants. One of the most scarce plants on the market. Every resident would like to have a similar beauty at home. The price of the simplest and inconspicuous bonsai is $30. The most beautiful trees are sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

6. Willows. Luxurious, beautiful and fast growing tree. Willow saplings are sold at $7 per pound. They are in great demand by woodworking companies that supply boards to furniture manufacturers.

7. Elephant Garlic. This amazing product is sold for $5 in American supermarkets. The taste is incomparable and it is very convenient to cut. The crop is 15 thousand pounds per acre in favorable soil. The profit is obvious.

8. Herbs. The cultivation of various herbs for culinary and medicinal purposes has increased by 20% over the last decade. A small jar of loose spices costs at least $3 in stores. If you grow herbs wisely and process them appropriately (dry, chop, mix), you can easily become a millionaire.

9. Bamboo. Chinese immigrants have established bamboo production in the south of the country, as the demand for this plant is constantly increasing. Bamboo is used to make furniture, furnishings, souvenirs and much more. If you offer a good price, then the wholesale buyer can be found quite easily.

10. Ginseng. One of the most useful products in modern agriculture. According to Chinese philosophy, it prolongs life and youth. You can sell ginseng in various forms – raw, dried, pickled, salted, grated, etc. If you take to grow an organic and environmentally friendly product, then do not sell it for less than $50 per pound.

Finally, it should be said that there are more than a hundred farming organizations in the United States. They will help you to begin agricultural businesses in every possible way. Moreover, banks give loans to buy a farm or ranch, as well as approve the business plans of ambitious farmers. So, it is time to increase your knowledge and start your own farmer business.

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